The very personality of Salvador Dali and his work gave us a rich ground for fantasies on the theme of creating an original wedding in Spain. Moreover the wedding was planned in the historical homeland of the outrageous artist.

We found inspiration for the visual component in Dali’s surrealism. The images from the paintings were embodied in the scenery, scripts and became the main motive in personalizing the wedding.

Every stage of the wedding had its meaning so the couple and their guests were delved in a story of Dali’s art and his surreal world.

As Salvador Dali was the most extraordinary artist in history the wedding based on its art couldn’t have been simple and ordinary.

Our Dali wedding was a game for everyone! As you already know the day began with the «Bathrobe morning» that was an important part of the overall scenario. Wearing a bathrobe or pajamas was a must!

The host of the «Morning» was young Dali. It all began with a preparing of «The Holy Omm-lette». Guests modeled in clay, painted pictures, shaved coconuts.

There was also a secret guest who acted on the site from the morning. His mission throughout the day was to entertain guests by spinning yarns, to «irk» us and the hotel staff with strange requests: «bring lobsters immediately», for example. As a reward for an active participation in the program guests received Dali’s mustaches and tried on the role of the master of surrealism.

The surreal story that we wanted to create for the couple and their guests should have been embodied in every detail, the stationery was no exception.

We were looking for new unusual solutions in the development of wedding stationery so we decided to give new functions for its usual piece: metaphorical cards for messages were also adapted for seating cards for the banquet. The idea was to give to the guests some tasks to do during the «Bathrobe morning» – another surreal part of the wedding.

After the ceremony each guest received a map which was a part of other interactive: each table was named after one of Dali’s paintings and the map gave a clue about the place of each guest. We’ve foreseen that this way of giving places may divide couples so we’ve made another interactive with the host of the wedding to give a chance to everyone to change their cards.

Сама личность Сальвадора Дали и его творчество дали нам богатую почву для фантазий на тему создания оригинальной свадьбы в Испании. Тем более, что торжество планировалась на исторической Родине эпатажного художника.

Мы нашли вдохновение для визуальной составляющей в сюрреализме Дали. Образы из картин были воплощены в декорациях, сценарии и стали основным мотивом в персонализации свадьбы.

Event Planning & Styling: Oh my love WEDDING PLANNERS | Photography: Muravnik Photography | Host: Arseniy Kovalskiy and Igor Mamlenkov | Video: Magic Studio