She was born in snowy Sweden, him under the radiant sun of Chile and destiny brought them to the Mediterranean in Barcelona.

The lightness of flowing silks and buff masonry walls of a Spanish manor of the 16th century, the noble shine of gold and the magical, lush gardens of the Renaissance. A blinding glow of diamonds, frozen in the color of burnt sugar. The shine of zinconium, luxurious floral arrangements of orchids, ranunculus, roses, peonies and jasmine, caressed by copper rays of the setting sun – Our story breathes the air of a languid late afternoon in Spain.

The story, created under the notes of pale golden Chardonnay, retained aristocratic elegance and refined luxury, all tied up by the sweetness of a vanilla Spanish sky.

The theme of the morning of the bride began by writing about eternity, about the “words of love”.
Lisa was in the garden of a Spanish manor writing a letter to her beloved Claudio, tracing calligraphic monograms on handmade paper. Her cream dessert colored boudoir lingerie was made of natural silk. A gentle romantic image, soft hair, a slight touch of make-up to emphasize the natural beauty of the bride, and nothing more.

A one of a kind symbol of union, Lisa’s family’s zirconium ring with diamond edging was used.
A comfortable chair, an old ink pen and chiseled brass. The bride’s vanity table was decorated with a composition of garden flowers, with the noble accents of peony-roses and peonies, which complemented the vintage perfume bottle containing the bride’s favorite honey aroma.

Oneness with nature and harmony is felt in every detail, starting with the weightless style of bride in contrast with the groom’s more classic looks, finishing with sophisticated orchids decorating the backs of forged iron chairs. The emerald-green landscape of the gardens of “Santa Clotilde”, boasting classic sculptures, old staircases covered with wild ivy strikes the viewer with pomp and luxury. A powerful equilibrium between luxury and finesse. The boundless views of the sea are mesmerizing. The beauty of the moment frozen in time, under the rays of a setting sun.

Dinner at the Manor:
Antique silverware was chosen for the table, classic patinated gold plates, decorated with 24-carat gold ornaments. Crystal glassware and bronze chandeliers on a silk tablecloth. Plated steel vase with floral arrangements of orchids, peony-roses, peonies, jasmine and other garden flowers. The gentle sounds of classical music and the light of the candles top off the wedding dinner with a dreamy, romantic atmosphere.

When we created the wedding story of Lisa and Claudio, our main reference point was harmony, the combination of elegance and luxury in every detail while retaining sense of proportion; this helps put the emphasis on our couple, their feelings and emotions of the moment.

Love, romance, tenderness are some of the most recurrent themes in the fine-arts. Our classical approach to the art of wedding composition makes it so each one of the stories we create are filled with beauty, elegance and pure feelings.